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Winter sports in Lublin
Which taxis to use?
How does ticket inspection work in Lublin's public transport ?
How to recognise ticket inspectors?
What happens if you do not have a valid ticket or ID?
What if you have forgotten to take your season ticket or an ID with you?
What happens if you don't pay the fine?
When are the goods purchased not in conformity with the contract?
What to do if the goods purchased are not in conformity with the contract?
Where can I complain?
How soon should a complaint be filed?
What if I was aware of the non-conformity of the goods when entering the contract?
Can I return non-faulty goods?
What is the difference between a complaint and a guarantee?
When is it possible to withdraw from a contract entered with a sales representative outside the seller's premises?
When can I withdraw from a contract concluded at a distance?
How can I withdraw from a contract concluded at a distance?
What to do if a person lying on the ground is conscious?
What to do if a person lying on the ground is unconscious?
How to call an ambulance?
How long to continue the CPR?
What are the most important rights of security guards?
What's the procedure for ID check by security guards?
When can a security guard arrest a person?
What measures of direct coercion may security guards use?
What cannot security guards do?
What if a security person exceeds their rights?
What are the powers of the municipal guard?
When is a municipal guard entitled to check your ID?
When can the city guard make an arrest?
What kind of measures of direct coercion can use city guard?
What if a municipal guard exceeds his/her powers?
When may the police check your ID and how is it done?
When can you be detained by the police?
When can the police conduct a body and luggage search?
What are the measures of direct coercion?
When may the police use direct coercion?
Who is entitled to health care services?
What is voluntary health insurance?
What documents are needed for a voluntary health insurance contract?
What are the duties of the insured after signing the agreement?
When is a voluntary health insurance contract terminated?
When can the police conduct a premises search?
Does the police need a search warrant?
During what hours can the police conduct a premises search?
Can I make a citizen's arrest if I witness a crime?
Should a police officer introduce him/herself before proceeding?
When the police may impose a fine?
What types of fines can be imposed?
Can I refuse to accept a fine?
How can I end up in a drying-out centre?
What can I do if wrongfully detained?
Obligations of the insured person after signing the agreement
What documents confirm my rights to free healthcare?
Can I drive on a foreign licence?
What healthcare provisions am I entitled to?
When am I entitled to free dental care?
When am I entitled to hospital treatment?
When am I entitled to medical rehabilitation?
When and where can I get orthopaedic equipment?
Where can I get emergency treatment?
Where assistance is given to states of emergency?
What are the hospital/surgery waiting lists?
Which medicines are reimbursed?
When and where to submit complaints and requests?(health care)
Important phone numbers/addresses
Where in Lublin can I pray in English?
I am not a Catholic. Where can I pray?
How long is a medical prescription valid?
I've been robbed / beaten up. What can I do?
What should I do if I notice a fire?
What to do in case of sudden illness?
Which taxis can be ordered via SMS?
How do I get an Electronic Ticket Card?
Emergency number 112: does it work in Poland?
Hot spots without passwords
How can I become a volunteer?
What are the powers of the police?
What are the duties of municipal guards?
What are the duties of security guards?
Do I have to carry an ID?
What documents do I need to submit to cross the border?
Is anyone authorised to check the legality of my stay in Poland?
Is alcohol drinking legal in Poland?
Are drugs legal in Poland?