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Ladies and Gentlemen,

we encourage you to read up on the activities directed at foreigners living in our city. At work you surely happen to encounter newcomers who experience difficulties connected with formal issues (e.g. the legalisation of residence) or are just eager to learn the city, language and customs.


We welcome foreigners coming to our city, including students. We invite you to explore the city, participate in its social and cultural life, as well as to take actions in the city areas. We also welcome those who are no longer newcomers but still did not discover possibilities or exploit the potential of our city.


INQUIRY DESK. It was started in the beginning of March and is supposed to be a source of support for foreigners searching for solutions to the problems they face when living in Lublin. Inquiry desk is situated in the Citizen Service Centre (Biuro Obsługi Mieszkańców) at Wieniawska street no. 14. Why there? Because the Lublin City Office is contributing to the works aiming at quality improvement of the service provided for foreigners.

Anna Kulikowska from Homo Faber will be at clients' disposal in the Citizen Service Centre. She is ready to answer questions, help with formal issues and direct clients to appropriate establishments or institutions.

KAPOWNIK. The set including: calendar, guidebook, notebook and city guide. An extra item has been added –an indestructible map of Lublin along with useful tips. Kapownik will be released in October!

Within the framework of our actions directed at host society we want to organise cultural sensitivity workshops. The topics concerning cultural sensitivity, inter-cultural dialogue and antidiscrimination issues will be covered.

We encourage those of you who are active in student self-governments, interest groups and student organisations, as well as police officers from the Municipal - and Province Police Department in Lublin to participate in workshops.



  • you want to take part in cultural sensitivity workshops organised at your university/school, please contact: marta.sienkiewicz@hf.org.pl

  • you speak English, Ukrainian, Russian, German, French or any other foreign language and you are eager to help us with translation, please contact: marta.sienkiewicz@hf.org.pl

  • you organise cultural/social/civic/educational events and you want to promote them in cooperation with our organisation, please contact: marta.sienkiewicz@hf.org.pl

  • you have any questions about legal or formal issues concerning foreigners, please contact: the Citizen Service Centre foreigners@lublin.eu (in English), inozemtsi@lublin.eu (in Russian or Ukrainian)

  • you have any other questions, please contact: marta.sienkiewicz@hf.org.pl

Do you need more information? Check the website of our organisation Homo Faber. We will update you on the news about the project: www.hf.org.pl

Best regards,

project team “Welcome to Lublin”