When am I entitled to medical rehabilitation?


The time of a referral's validity is 30 days. A referral becomes invalid in the event when it has not been registered at a rehabilitation office/site within 30 days from the date of issuing.

Outpatient rehabilitation – specialist health service or a set of services provided by a medical rehabilitation doctor or a balneologist as well as a physical medicine doctor and a physical therapist, a masseur (in the event of massage procedures). It includes: 
- medical rehabilitation advice, among others, overall assessment of the patient's health condition (medical test), a referral to consultation and additional tests, medicinal centeses and withdrawal injections, evaluation of the patient's motor activity, orders for orthopaedic articles and auxiliary measures as well as other orders and applications, determination of therapeutic treatment program, issuing of a referral to physiotherapy  and spa treatment, final evaluation of the improvement process. 
- physiotherapeutic appointment, namely a service consisting in the evaluation and description of the patient's condition prior to the beginning of rehabilitation/physiotherapy, examination of motor organs' activities and other examinations necessary to determine the rehabilitation plan, final assessment and description of the patient's functional condition, after the end of rehabilitation/physiotherapy, providing the patient with instructions with regard to further rehabilitation.
- physiotherapeutic treatment, namely a service listed in the Catalogue of Physiotherapeutic Procedures, including: kinesitherapy (exercises), massage, electrotherapy (i.a. galvanization, iontophoresis, ultrasounds), electromagnetic field treatment, phototherapy (i.a. laser therapy), thermotherapy (paraffin compresses), hydrotherapy, cryotherapy, balneotherapy. 

A referral to a rehabilitation clinic and to physiotherapeutic procedures may be issued by a health insurance doctor, including a POZ doctor. 



Systemic rehabilitation in the center/day care ward – services granted to the patients who, bearing in mind the health condition, may not undergo rehabilitation under outpatient conditions and do not require 24-hour medical supervision. Rehabilitation includes: medical advice, services in neuropsychology, speech therapy, psychotherapy, physiotherapeutic procedures. 

Rehabilitation duration is 3-6 weeks,5 days a week, usually 5 procedures a day. The patient is in the systemic rehabilitation centre/day care ward for no less than 4 hours a day.

After the evaluation of the patient's health condition, the doctor of the day care rehabilitation centre/ward qualifies the patient on the basis of a referral and the current medical documentation. 

Systemic rehabilitation in stationary conditions - 24-hour services granted to the patients requiring complex rehabilitation activities and at least 24-hour nurse supervision. Intended for patients after: traumas, surgical procedures, aggravations of chronic diseases.

Rehabilitation duration is 3-6 weeks,6 days a week in morning and afternoon cycles, usually 5 procedures a day.