Is alcohol drinking legal in Poland?

In Poland, it is forbidden to sell alcohol to intoxicated persons and persons under 18. A seller who has any doubts about the age of a buyer may request him or her to present a document (most often an ID card) with indicated age. Sales and provision of alcohol to persons mentioned above is punishable with a fine. Intoxicated persons who behave in an offensive manner in public area or at work, pose a threat to their own life or health, or threaten the life or health of other people, may be transported to a drying-out centre, a health care unit or a police unit, or to their place of residence or stay.

One should also remember that consumption of alcohol in public places (streets, squares or parks), operating vehicles (car, motorbike, bicycle) under the influence of alcohol, as well as acts of hooliganism (disturbing of peace, offensive behaviour) under the influence of alcohol are punishable.