When am I entitled to hospital treatment?

The patient has the right to choose any hospital having a contract with the National Health Fund on the whole territory of Poland. Hospital treatment shall be based on a doctor's referral (and it does not have to be a health insurance doctor), if the purpose of treatment cannot be achieved by outpatient treatment.

- in the case of emergencies (i.e. in a condition where deferment of medical assistance may result in the loss of health or life) health services are granted without the required referral,
- if it is not possible to admit the patient to hospital on the day of reporting, the patient is put on the waiting list,
- in the case of deterioration in the patient's health condition, indicating the need for earlier (than agreed) service, a new date of the patient's admission to hospital is determined,
- in the event of circumstances that could not have been foreseen at the time of determining the date of admission for treatment, a provider informs the patient in every possible way about the new time of service,
- patient admitted to hospital shall be provided with free drugs and medical goods, necessary for the service,
- during the patient's stay in hospital, a POZ doctor cannot issue orders for auxiliary and orthopaedic measures, including adult diapers, or prescribe medicines,
- costs of necessary laboratory tests, imaging diagnostics, therapeutic products and medical goods used in the course of granted benefits shall be borne by the provider,
- in the event of the patient's qualification for hospital treatment, in particular for the planned surgical treatment – the hospital performs diagnostic tests and consultations necessary for hospital treatment,
- after the end of hospital treatment (as well as in the case of services granted at the hospital emergency ward or admission room) the patient shall obtain an information chart and, depending on the situation: a referral to services prescribed in the information chart, prescriptions for drugs and auxiliary and orthopaedic measures prescribed in the information chart, orders for transport in accordance with separate regulations.

A patient applying for a service is obliged to present health insurance evidence. In the event of a sudden condition – this document can be presented at a different time no later than within 30 days from the date of starting the service – if the patient is in hospital, or within 7 days from the last date of service. In the event of failure to present the document within the aforementioned time limits, the service is granted at the expense of the patient.