WALKS around the Lublin

WALKS around the city as a source of information and entertainment. We have prepared tours around cultural institutions, non-governmental organisations and offices to prove they are not that scary! You will discover a multicultural and historical face of Lublin, discover the graffiti of Lublin and experience Lublin at night, viewed from the public bus windows.

The walks take place on Wednesday. We start at 5:00 pm in Litewski Square. 

In March: 

March 11 - Lublin for beginners, that is Lublin from the inside, the most important landmarks in the center, directions, main streets anddistricts. A little history, a little shortcut points.

March 25 - multicultural Lublin  - a historical walk, in the former Lublin, Jewish, Orthodox, Evangelical ...

In April:

April 8 - cultural Lublin - that is where, who and how does culture and how you can come on, we will get to know people and places.

April 11 - graffiti -  around the large-format works of street art.

April 15 - Thrifty Lublin - where you cheap get dressed, eat, fix an umbrella or broken-down zip in a backpack.

April 18 - Lublin Majdanek - a visit to one of the most important places in the city - the Museum Majdanek, the former Nazi death camp.

April 22 - historical Lublin (Old Town) - touristically, historically in the Old Town.

April 29 - Lublin by bike - thanks to the City Bikes we will have a chance to leave the city center to see what is beyond it interesting inLublin.

All the walks, workshops and meeting are for free.